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Tucker Greene

“John’s capacity to provide skilled and specialized knowledge and resources is unsurpassed.”  

I have known and worked with John for over 20 years, both when he was chief of interventional radiology as well as during his current roles as a consultant, real estate investor and entrepreneur.  

When challenges arise, typical of John, his calming leadership and influence overcome these concerns, as he brings harmony into what would otherwise be chaotic environments.   

John’s talents lie in his ability to garner the trust and confidence of people that is often lacking in corporate medicine and other environments. His ability to connect with people and stimulate thinking and decision making are valuable qualities that lend themselves to creating comfort and guidance in otherwise demanding and confusing atmospheres.  

Emergency Medicine


Laura Bialy

“His level of intelligence in many disciplines makes him a one-of-a-kind advisor.“ 

John is one of the most honest and trustworthy individuals you will ever come across. Over the years, I have asked him for advice on business and even family issues.  

His guidance has been life changing for me. John’s outlook and understanding of life’s challenges makes him an essential tool to developing the key to success. 

Chief Financial Officer

Bonita Boat Harbor

Robert Scappa

“Dr. Howard was always the individual we would go to for advice when confronted with a challenging situation.” 

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Howard for 2 years and I cannot overemphasize how valuable Dr. Howard's contributions were, for both me individually, and for business.   

He was always a very calm, stabilizing, wise, and guiding force.  His leadership qualities made him the go-to person for any problem-solving need and thanks to his tireless efforts our jobs were made so much easier.   

During my four decades of being a physician, Dr. Howard’s moral compass may have been equaled by a few others with whom I have worked, but never surpassed.   

Urological Surgeon

Rehabilitation Physician

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